More than a decade of research experience culminating in a technology with a clear target: to provide new solutions to old problems present in different areas of the industrial sector.

R & D

Muon Systems works continously to improve their technology, engineering the tomography systems adapted to different applications.

R&D is present at all the stages of our muon tomography systems, ranging from the manufacturing of the detectors, to the image reconstruction and analysis algorithms.

Muon Systems has its own simulation framework, being able to simulate realistic scenarios with great accuracy. This allows us to show our customers how accurately the muon tomography can solve their specific problems.

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First prototype
10cm x 16cm

Basic scenarios

2017 - 2018

Design industrialization
20cm x 30cm

Complex shapes added to scenarios


Big design
100cm x 100cm

Real scenarios simulation

Current Technological level

This is our timeline for the development and the application of muon tomography:

  • 2015Exploration of different applications

    Identification of the main problems in different industrial sectors
    Muon tomography simulations for real cases.
  • 2016Prototype development

    Development of a first fully-functional detection system.
    Calibration and commissioning.
  • 2017 - 2018Design and manufacturing

    New design and manufacturing of reliable detectors.
    Laboratory tests.
  • 2019Validation and first cases

    Technological validation.
    First real cases .
  • 2020Commercialization

    Improvement of manufacturing processes.
    Search of new applications.
    Commercialization of muon tomography services.

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