Muon tomography
A new tool with several applications.

What do we offer?

The versatility of this technology makes it the most suitable solution in many fields of application. Our strategy is to introduce it to the customers in a progressive service composed of the following steps:

Feasibility study1

Feasibility study

Realistic simulation of the environment targeted by the customer to estimate the reach of the muon tomography systems in terms of resolution and accuracy.
Demonstration with actual portable detectors2

Demonstration with actual portable detectors

An actual test with a portable system which allows the customer to see the technology in its own environment.
Results and validation3

Results and validation

A detailed analysis report of the results obtained with the portable detectors, assessing the reach and power of the muon tomography solution.
Installation of dedicated systems4

Installation of dedicated systems

Installation of muon tomography detectors adapted to the customer facilities, including a complete analysis tool that allows continuous monitoring of the structure.

Targeted sectors

Muon Systems is currently focusing its activity in three specific areas: Industry, security, and civil engineering.


Quality control in blast furnaces walls and industrial boilers.

A common problem for the iron and steel industry is the relative reduction of the effective wall thickness in their blast furnaces. Due to the high temperature conditions, the walls suffer wear and the structural integrity is compromised.

Muon tomography provides a clean way to estimate the wear of the wall without stopping the productive process and allowing a better planning of the technical stops, yielding large economical and energetic profits.


Detection of heavy materials in vehicles and load in borders and ports.

The illicit traffic of fissile materials such as uranium is nowadays a major security issue for many countries. Containers of cargo ships can transport hidden radioactive materials being needed new detection technologies to avoid this risk.


Portable nondestructive systems for detection of voids, cracks, and structural failures.

The mining and civil engineering sectors rely on their knowledge about the inner properties of the structures. Unknown voids and cracks are a risk for the stability of their systems, whereas remarkable density differences might indicate the beginning of a new material layer.

These problems involving such large structures are complicated for the current tomography systems since their radiation is not able to penetrate them. This fact makes muon tomography suitable for this kind of application.

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